Projects International

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A Specialized Consulting Practice

Filling a Niche in the Tucson, Arizona Market

Strategic Advice, Localized Counsel, and Project Shepherding
in Land Development, Planning & Zoning, and Entitlements

Tucson, AZOur Approach to You and Your Project

My name is Jim Portner and I am the president of Projects International, Inc. PI was established in 1995 and fulfills a specialized and vital role in the Tucson, Arizona land development market. There are no junior employees. I take personal responsibility for fulfilling every aspect of our company philosophy and approach, and in making sure you achieve your development objectives.

In our business, every project has two fundamental components. There's the purely technical realm and then there's the far more abstract one where all of the intangibles come into play. The latter is more important, and that is where we specialize.

It's in the intangible realm where the success or failure of a project is truly determined, and it is a place that is far more slippery to understand and manage. It requires a knowledge of the governmental, regulatory, and political environment which the project must navigate. It is the realm of personalities, relationships, trust built over time, and experience with the unwritten rules and opportunities that exist within the regulatory and bureaucratic framework.

This is where we provide uncommon value to you and your project. We have established relationships at all levels of the regulatory and political structure. We know how to identify the salient issues, anticipate and resolve problems before they ever become problems, and know who to talk to and how to best go about it. We can manage the entire project team of consultants to make sure that everything stays on track, is often accelerated, and steers around the obstacles that snare the less informed.

Our investment in our client's projects is a personal one, not just a business commitment. In a world where the extreme overuse of the word "partnering" has reduced it to little more than a trendy feel-good term, we still like to believe that we are working with our clients rather than for them … and we actively seek clients who think the same way and who genuinely look to create a team environment where their chosen consultants are expected to put forth disciplined and dedicated effort toward the achievement of a shared, team goal.

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