Projects International

Representative Projects

Specialized Scope of Services

Projects International, Inc. is not a traditional land-planning firm and our value extends beyond the standard technical components of the profession. As such, we present our Scope of Services below in distinct categories of practice:

Project Leadership & Counsel

Localized Expertise and Advice

Provide on-going localized knowledge and intelligence as to key personalities, processes, formal and informal methods of communication, community values & priorities, strategic opportunities, and common land-developer pitfalls.

Strategic Planning and Navigation

Develop and administer the most appropriate strategic path for each project; adjust, hone, and modify same over the life of the project as new issues and obstacles emerge; provide an on-going resource for advice and counsel to the client.

Strategic Management of Multi-Disciplinary Consultant Teams

Provide project oversight and direction to consultant team members (engineers, architects, landscape architects, etc.) so as to insure a coordinated/integrated design effort and consistent public messages in terms of project theme, approach, branding, quality, aesthetics, etc.

Primary Government Liaison and Process Facilitator

Serve as primary conduit between the client/consultant team and governmental regulatory staff, administrative officials, and elected leaders. Identify and program the administrative and discretionary entitlement processes necessary to achieve project goals, as well as define the critical-path and timeline for same. Advise client and consultant team as to key personalities and their respective preferences and emphases vis-à-vis submittals, consultant work products, etc.

Political Liaison with Key Elected Officials

Identify those elected officials who will play the most central or key roles in achieving a successful discretionary approval. Serve as primary liaison to introduce them to the client and their project, jointly identify key neighborhood representatives/leaders and pertinent community issues, and provide the officials and their staffs with on-going reporting and feedback as the project proceeds.

Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator

Initiate and maintain contact with key neighborhood and homeowner-association leaders throughout the life of the project. Hold individual/introductory meetings with same, as well as coordinate and hold subsequent meetings with the full association memberships as necessary to maintain meaningful dialogue, work through neighborhood issues, and build support.


Advocate and represent the client's interests in all matters wherein negotiation, compromise, and/or creative solutions are required. For all intents and purposes, this is a daily activity over the life of the project, whether it be working with government regulatory staff and officials, elected leaders, or neighborhood representatives.

Public Presenter and Spokesperson

Serve as lead speaker and fielder of questions at all public presentations, including neighborhood meetings, boards and commissions, public hearings, and legislative votes in front of the City Council, Board of Supervisors, or other bodies.

Talking Points Memoranda, White Papers, etc.

Develop the content and emphasis for Talking-Point Memoranda and White Papers for use with in-person discussions and working meetings with administrative officials, elected leaders, and neighborhood representatives.

Technical Land Planning Services

Entitlements Processes: PAD's, Rezonings, Special Use Permits, etc.

Prepare all submittal applications and attendant documentation necessary to formally file and oversee Planned Area Developments (PAD's), Planned Community Developments (PCD's), conventional rezonings, special use permits, etc. Provide on-going coordination and interaction with regulatory staff and officials to insure necessary oversight. Coordinate and task consultant team members vis-à-vis the supporting information and work products comprising the entitlement application.

Management, Direction, and Input to Consultant Team Members

On-going coordination and direction of consultant team members to insure unity and consistency in all work products vis-à-vis the project themes, objectives, and design messages being communicated to the public at-large, elected officials, etc.

Project Technical Documents, Reports, Info Packets, etc.

Write and prepare technical documents, reports, and memoranda necessary to further the project as well as procure and integrate technical content as required from all consultant team members. A well-written document is seemingly becoming more and more of a rare phenomenon in this business, but one that is artfully and capably crafted is still an exceptionally valuable tool. We like to believe that we consistently produce some of the best writing out there.