Projects International

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A Specialized Consulting Practice

Filling a Niche in the Tucson, Arizona Market

Strategic Advice, Localized Counsel, and Project Shepherding
in Land Development, Planning & Zoning, and Entitlements

Tucson, AZOur Approach to You and Your Project

My name is Jim Portner and I am the president of Projects International, Inc. PI was established in 1995 and fulfills a specialized and vital role in the Tucson, Arizona land development market. There are no junior employees. I take personal responsibility for fulfilling every aspect of our company philosophy and approach, and in making sure you achieve your development objectives.

In our business, every project has two fundamental components. There's the purely technical realm and then there's the far more abstract one where all of the intangibles come into play. The latter is more important, and that is where we specialize.

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The Value We Provide

Over the years, the Tucson metropolitan area has developed a certain reputation in our industry, both locally and nationally, as being one of the more unpredictable and challenging regulatory and political environments. In short, Tucson is often viewed as a place where it is difficult to "get things done" and is, as such, a thorny prospect for the land developer and their investors to assess the risks involved and the prospects of success. This is especially true for out-of-town interests who are not familiar with Tucson's local personalities, leaders, political mores, and prevailing governmental and business practices.

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